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Early Childhood Caries

Early childhood caries, also known as baby bottle caries, baby bottle tooth decay, and bottle rot, is a disease characterized by severe decay in the teeth of infants or young children. Early childhood caries (ECC) is a serious public health problem in both developing and industrialized countries. ECC can begin early in life, progresses rapidly in those who are at high risk, and often goes untreated.

Its consequences can affect the immediate and long-term quality of life of the child’s family and can have significant social and economic consequences. Children experiencing caries as infants or toddlers have a much greater probability of subsequent caries in both the primary and permanent dentitions.

Treatment of ECC can be accomplished through different types of intervention, depending on the progression of the disease,the child’s age, as well as the social, behavioral, and medical history of the child. During this initial visit, conducting a risk assessment can provide baseline data necessary to counsel the parent on the prevention of dental decay. 

Children at low risk may not need any restorative therapy. Children at moderate risk may require restoration of progressing and cavitated lesions, while white spot and enamel proximal lesions should be treated by preventive techniques and monitored for progression. Children at high risk, however, may require earlier restorative intervention of enamel proximal lesions, as well as intervention of progressing and cavitated lesions to minimize continual caries development.

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