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Kids / Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Anshu Jindal is a certified Pediatric Dentist with extensive experience in working with children in developing oral hygiene that last into adulthood.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy is used to restore teeth suffering from severe infection, decay, or damage. We offer one sitting painless RCT treatment as well.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is majorly done to improve the overall appearance (though not necessarily the function) of a person’s teeth, gums and/or bite.


We help in complete alignment of your teeth making it a very comfortable option for all age groups including adults.

Implant Dentistry

Dental implants are metal posts or frames that are surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath your gums.


Dentures, also known as false teeth, are prosthetic devices constructed to replace missing teeth.
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We have designed our Best Dental Clinic in Peer Muchalla state of the art technology and equipment because we value your smile. We are well equipped with the latest techniques and tools to give you painless dental treatments.

Sterilized, Hygiene & Clean Environment

At Jindal Dental Clinic, we the Best Dental Clinic in Zirakpur values the oral, dental & overall health of our patients & ensure that their treatment is done in the most hygienic environment. This becomes equally important, in case of a patient already suffering from diseases like Cardio Vascular Disorders (CVD), Diabetes, Kidney Disorders, Liver Disorders, etc. or in special conditions like Pregnancy.

Talented Team of Doctors

With specialists from every field of Dentistry and latest state of the art technology & equipment for Dental Treatment and Diagnostics; Jindal Dental Clinic offers you the best Dental treatment experience in the Peermuchalla and Panchkula. Our main goal is to provide the most comfortable and pleasant visit for you and your entire family.
It is a great Honour for us in telling you that, Dr. Jindals Dental and Oral Health Clinic is now NABH Accredited.

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What are the benefits of having a dental examination?
Routine inspections can help detect problems early on, saving you money on biological treatment. Your teeth will be cleaned first by a dental hygienist. The dentist will then use specific instruments to probe areas on the edges and close to the corner of the mouth. You can have some painful and sensitive spots if it’s been a long since your last visit.

Everyone should just get a dental examination every six months, or more frequently if your dentist suggests it. Choose someone who puts you at peace and tells you what and when to anticipate. When the dental appointment is complete and you have a care plan in place, the fear of visiting the dentist is often replaced with a sense of relaxation. Being a supportive caregiver can assist your children in overcoming their concerns. If you need a reliable dentist to take care of your smile then link with the best Dental Clinic in Panchkula.

What exactly is the definition of dentistry?
Dental care is the study of problems, abnormalities, and ailments of the teeth, jaws, tongue, and jawbone, as well as their prevention and treatment. Dentistry is frequently thought to be required for whole oral health, but it can also affect your overall health. For regular checkups you can approach the best Dental Clinic in Peer Muchalla.
I have no problems with my gums. Is a visit to the dentist still required?
Even if your teeth appear to be in good shape, you should still visit the dentist on a regular basis since issues may occur that you are unaware of. Your dental hygienist can help maintain a healthy and attractive smile. You don’t have to live with discoloured, damaged, chipped, or deformed teeth any longer thanks to developments in dentistry. Take care of your gums with the help of the Best Dental Clinic in Zirakpur. Dentists today provide a variety of treatment ways to help you giggle confidently, including:

  • Full-smile makeovers and tooth replacement
  • Teeth whitening by an expert
  • Natural-looking fillers


What can I do to keep my teeth from decaying?
Brushing your teeth should take two to three minutes. It takes that long to get rid of the germs that eat away at the enamel of your teeth. Brushing too forcefully might damage your teeth. To eliminate germs and plaque, only a small amount of pressure is needed. Brushing twice a day at the very least. Bacteria can only be removed from between your teeth by flossing. Sugar consumption should be limited. Candies, berries, crisps, and snacks all have sugar in them. The bacteria in your mouth prefer these meals the most. Eat items that cling to your teeth, such as raisins and peanut butter. They can give microorganisms a steady source of food.
What is the difference between a cavity and a fissure?
 A cavity is a tiny hole inside the tooth that develops as a result of dental decay. Holes arise when plaque on the exterior of the tooth reacts with the sugars and carbohydrates in your meal. This causes acid to form, which can chip away at your tooth enamel. Blocked cavities can lead to more significant oral health complications. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing between your teeth at least once a day will help you avoid problems. Link up with the best Dental Clinic in Zirakpur.
What is the definition of a filling?
After all of the tooth decay has been removed, your dentist will use a filling, which is a synthetic substance, to fill the cavity. Toppings are usually painless since your dentist will use anesthetic to numb your mouth. Polymers, platinum, and ceramic are among the materials used in fillings. If you need a filler, talk to your dentist about the best kind for you and your fillings. Do you really aim to book your appointment with a reliable dentist then approach the best Dental Clinic in Panchkula.
What is the most effective method for whitening my teeth?
Numerous whitening solutions are available in stores, and your dentist can provide you with take-home gels and trays, but neither is as effective as operations performed in a dentist’s practice. If you want to use an over-the-counter whitener, search for one that has the American Dental Association (ADA) certification. Before you buy, see your dentist for guidance, especially if you have dental treatment or heavy stains. Also, if you continue to use them, you risk damaging your tooth.
Is it necessary to replace my toothbrushes on a regular basis?
Cleaning your teeth twice a day for two to three minutes each time will gradually wear out your toothbrush. Children and adults should switch toothbrushes every three months, according to their dentist. If you use an electronic brushing, check the instructions carefully since you may not need to replace the brush head as often. To prevent the spread of bacteria, patients with gum disease should change their brushing every four to six weeks. To destroy germs and keep the bristles clean, rinse your toothbrush with hot water after brushing. If you’ve been unwell, change your toothbrushes right away. For further information connect with the best Dental Clinic in Zirakpur.
What exactly is periodontitis?
Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is caused mostly by plaque and bacteria accumulation that is not addressed early on. Tobacco usage, tooth grinding, certain medicines, and heredity are also other causes of periodontal disease. Gum disease is the first stage of gum disease and is curable if caught early enough. Gingivitis can progress to gum disease if left untreated. Advanced gum disease is a persistent ailment that results in tooth and bone loss. Gum disease and more serious forms of periodontal disease can be avoided by brushing your teeth frequently and visiting the dentist every six months.
Do I still need to go see a dentist every six months if I'm wearing braces?
Yes! People undergoing orthodontic treatment should, in fact, see their dentist on a frequent basis. Food might become stuck in places where your brushing can’t reach when you have braces on. Holes, gastritis, and gum disease can all result from bacteria buildup. At the time of wearing the braces, the best dentist will surely work more closely with your best dentist to keep your entire mouth healthy and sound. Book your appointment with the best Dental Clinic in Panchkula.
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Rupesh Gupta

Dr. Jindal is very professional and gentle doctor. He will make you feel comfortable and will not rush things. Gives you explanation how and why the treatment is done. I would highly recommend him to everyone looking for dental solutions.

Shweta Oberoi

The clinic is neat and hygenic. Doctor is very friendly and very goodd at diagnosing problem and with the treatment procedure. I went for RCT – Root Canal Treatment and i am happy with my overall experience at Jidal Dental Clinic.

Priyanka Nath

Clinic is very hygenic and well maintained owned by a very professional and expert doctor. They offer value for money services. Doctor is very supportive & cooperative!  I wish them all the very best.

Sneha Garg

“Satisfactory treatment results and reason treatment charges are the main advantages. Only after this visit a got to know that the dental treatment now is painless. Hygiene par excellence ,Impressionz dental care gave me the teeth i was looking for. Wish them Goodluck and recommend them to all my friends and family.”

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